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July 27, 2011

a safe search engin that gives 4loot coins that can be converted into facebook credits

all you need is a facebook account to start earning. and 4loot is 1000000% safe. i use it all the time and no problems occured.
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July 11, 2011

another game coming soon from me!

you played Kiki's Dreams but now coming soon is Kiki's Dreams II: The Revenge of Leana!
look for the features:
-new charaters
-longer game play
-new quests
-solve and do pranks
-chose your ending
-ride boats and balloons
-and a ton much more!

aveyond update

looks like  amanda change its release date or i didnt know what date. it looks like its a aug-sept game.

May 26, 2011

my newest game and first

ready to play kiki's dreams? now you can! just upload this game from an 100% safe uploading site.
just click this link > 

May 22, 2011

a great new game developed by ME!!!

okay i am still waiting for amanda to verify my game but untill then please be patiant.
this game is called Kiki's dreams. it's about Kiki and her sibblings Miki, Chelsi, and her half sister Miley.
When the fortune teller speaks of a great battle between you and the source of your nightmares.
you will get to see beautiful scenery, find the 3 cheat masters, learn tons of skills and tricks and more!
hope that you guys are looking forward to this game. i hope it keeps you busy while you wait for the next aveyond!

April 26, 2011

Game alert

I have been cheaking amaranthia lately and discovered sometime in june is a possible aveyond game!
it might say mystery ,but amanda said that after the april one is aveyond 4! hope you like counting down days and weeks till june! the when an accually date like may 1st (just an example) is posted we can be more acurrate and get the right date. lets just hope it is relesed in june! bye for now but not forever!


March 25, 2011

An Aveyond quiz.

Well here is a quiz that tests your knowlege of Aveyond.
1) The thief that calls everyone a fool.
2) A spoiled prince that just gets a boot for a persent!
3) A place that appears in all of the games including the prequeal
4) I'm a Darkthrop girl yet taunted by Nox.
hope you submit soon!
   the AVU

March 24, 2011

Aveyond fans welcome

if you have an account on amaranthia (aveyond.com) then we welcome you to this blog! we got a lot going on. if you have an account please pm princessbinas (me) there. see you soon!